Peloponnese: the land of Abundance

Knowledge and Tradition

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The open arms of the Peloponnesian peninsula stretch out into the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Men travel from the ends of the earth to acquaint themselves with this enchanting land. Peloponnesian products have contributed to the prestige and the charm it exercises on the hearts of travellers…


Peloponnesian products are held in high esteem, both in the Greek and global market. Producers’ dedication and skill, together with the coordinated efforts of local and national institutions managing and promoting agricultural products, have helped to acquaint the public with these unique, primitive, local products…

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The Peloponnese Region has chosen with the active participation in exhibitions relating to the social-economic-cultural motivation of the various regions and peoples, to communicate to the general public, its dreams, its aspirations, its desire and its fight to make the Peloponnese node of progress and an example of cultural activities for the benefit not only of its people, but also of the country.