Exploring flavours

Exploring flavours

Peloponnesian products are held in high esteem, both in the Greek and global market. Producers’ dedication and skill, together with the coordinated efforts of local and national institutions managing and promoting agricultural products, have helped to acquaint the public with these unique, primitive, local products.

The Peloponnesian Basket is an action in which many institutions participate, aimed at presenting and promoting first-class Peloponnesian products, establishing Peloponnese as a region synonymous with quality and further improving cultivation and stock-raising practices. With great perspicuity and dedication to the principles of sustainable development, production partners and coordinating bodies lovingly work for the land and its abundant gifts. This love has tangible results. As an example, from the aspect of simple numbers, Peloponnese holds the top place in wine production in the country, with numerous producers, wineries, labels and vineyards. It cultivates 29.1% of the vineyard expanses on the wine map of Greece and produces 1,208 labels.

The Organization for the Certification and Supervision of Agricultural products, with the distinctive title AGROCERT, is responsible for approving applications submitted by interested enterprises to join the control system, for implementing controls in collaboration with Rural Development Divisions, for ensuring specifications are applied, for certifying the products in question and for keeping the Register for Approved Enterprises and the Register of those entitled to use the indications PDO and PGI.

Traditional Peloponnesian wines, the exceptional cheeses, the rare products, such as honey and herbs, the pure cured meats and the fresh vegetables have won a special place in the hearts of today’s consumers, who seek to combine the enjoyment of flavours with the quality of ingredients.

The Peloponnesian Table is a ground-breaking action, to be combined with the Peloponnesian Basket. It an extroverted and dynamic plan, aimed at establishing Peloponnese as a place producing and supplying top-quality, recognizable products; it concurrently aims at promoting Peloponnese as an attraction for high-end travellers. More specifically, according to the declaration, the lines of action are as follows:

  • To establish a single identity for Peloponnese, regarding both its main agricultural products, like olive oil, wine, cheeses, as well as its tourist development.
  • To ensure quality in production, services, tourism, management of the natural environment. Among other things a Local Quality Agreement for Peloponnese is to be drawn up, to include the simultaneous adoption of special quality marks for products, services, shops, professions, etc.
  • To support entrepreneurship so business opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, exports, ecotourism, environment, etc., can be exploited. A workshop for innovation and quality is to be created to produce know-how, as well as to provide legal and technical assistance to young entrepreneurs.
  • To approach foreign consumers and acquaint them with traditional Peloponnesian products, both during their visits to the area as travellers, as well as in their own countries. More specifically, there is an organized innovative plan for direct sales to European customers (initially in Germany and later in other countries) under the title “Peloponnesian Food Basket” as well as a wider plan to link local gastronomy with production and tourism.