A thousand aromas

A thousand aromas

Tripoleos apples, Kalamon olives, Mountain Mainalon honey, Tsakonian aubergines, Mantineia wine, Sfella cheese from Messinia, dried figs from Kalamata; heady aromas and authentic flavours that invade the senses. Peloponnese is privileged to participate with numerous recognized products, in the Protected Designation of Origin and the Protected Geographical Location catalogues. A multitude of other unique, local products, such as walnuts, chestnuts, citrus fruits and cured meats, are expected to shortly receive certification, as they meet all the specifications.

Distillers in Peloponnese combine their extensive knowledge of distillation with modern methods, producing superb spirits. Some of the products are unique, such as the liqueurs with aromatic herbs; tsipouro, ouzo and the well-liked Peloponnesian rakomelo have won people’s hearts. Producers, showing imagination and daring, have expanded their range of spirits, creating aromatic brandies, and even vodka, various bottled cocktails and fruit drinks. The variety of spirits and liqueurs produced with pure ingredients is enormous, proving a real temptation.

Vinegar production is a related sector. Balsamic vinegar, that particularly delicate kind of vinegar, is produced in Peloponnese by small family firms with decades of tradition.

Traditional pasta, fondly made with pure ingredients, has become a favourite among consumers. Hilopites (egg noodles), trachanas (frumenty), pasta coloured with spinach and tomato; a feast of flavours and colours, traditional products or imaginative new creations are produced in Peloponnese with particular care and expertise.

One of the typical sweets, for which Messinia is famous, is pasteli. It is a sweet originating in deep antiquity and has unique properties. It provides the body with many beneficial elements, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. It protects man from chronic exhaustion and fatigue, a real natural tonic. Sesame seeds and honey, its two main ingredients, are considered by scientists not simply foods, but elixirs.

Over recent years organic snail farming has become a dynamic activity. Peloponnese, specifically Corinth, is home to the representative of the International Institute of Snail Farming, which has received awards for its excellent practices and top-quality products.

Peloponnese presents as a modern ark of flavours, aromas and unadulterated, traditional recipes, which can transport modern man to the very depths of his being.