Recognizing dedication

Recognizing dedication

The institution of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), attributed to a product according to very strict criteria, is of great importance, both from a commercial, as well as from a cultural aspect. It is widely known that in the European Union countries make great efforts to secure this high distinction for their products, which automatically causes customer preference and acceptance of these fine foods and drinks to soar in global markets. Of equal importance is labelling a product with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

When a product from a particular geographical area presents certain special quality characteristics, that are valued as previously mentioned by consumers, and when over time these characteristics show a high degree of stability, then the name of the particular product ends up with a surname, its geographical origin. The geographical indication may refer to a country, but is usually restricted to a particular region.

The criteria for granting this special title are very strict, as the aim of the institution is to protect the consumer on the one hand, but also to support quality and historically valid production on the other.

Greece has already acquired PDO and PGI status for 88 fine products, while the list is expected to soar dramatically. The coordinated efforts of producers and organizations and the combination of traditional techniques with innovative, modern expertise, have already achieved very positive results.

Peloponnese has a large variety of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication products. Getting to know the flavours and aromas of the Peloponnesian land is a unique experience, full of nostalgia and originality.

Catalog of certified products:

Product Category Product PDO/ PGI
Olive Oil Lygourio Asklipeiou PDO
Krokees Laconia PDO
Petrina Laconia PDO
Kranidi Argolis PDO
Laconia (the entire region) PGI
Kalamata PDO
Foiniki Laconia PDO
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trizinia PDO
Olives Kalamata Olives PDO
Cheese Feta PDO
Sfela PDO
Fruits – Vgetables – Nuts – Legumes Tsakonian aubergines Leonidio PDO
Apple Delicious Pilafa Tripoleos PDO
Corinthian Currant Vostizza PDO
Products of Animal Origin Honey of Elati Mainalon Vanilla PDO